Pensacola Beach, Florida 

with Captain Jesse Johnson

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Red snapper season is here

Open Sats and Suns starting May 7. Opens continuously May 28 -July 10

Must be at least 16 inches and only 2 per person (Captain & Crew excluded)

Red Snapper season is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. Anglers come from far and wide to limit out on beautiful Red Snapper.

Capt. Jesse has been successfully putting people on Red Snapper since he moved to the Pensacola area in 2007. He has several favorite spots that always produce big fish.

Red Snapper are pigs and will eat almost anything you toss out for them. Capt. Jesse prefers to use live bait like pinfish, menhaden or hard tails, but when live bait is unavailable, cut bait like squid and other types of cut fish work just as well. They will hungrily bite on lures and jigs also.

Catching Red Snapper is exciting and fast paced. Depending on the day, they will be hooked up sometimes before you even get to the ocean floor. An experienced angler can often times know when he's hooked one by the way they shake their heads and dive down towards the bottom. The initial hit of a snapper bite can produce a huge tug so you have to stay alert when fishing for them. With snapper, we use a circle hook that sets itself. Anglers often jerk the pole instinctively when they feel a fish bite. With snapper, you can actually pull the hook out of their mouth before the hook is set! Getting the fish up quickly is also important because there are always predators lurking below just waiting for a quick meal. Shark cut offs can and will happen. Sometimes you will feel a very hard tug and you reel in just the head of a snapper with a perfectly rounded shark bite through your fish! Those are great photo opportunities! 

Red snapper is a firm-textured fish with moist, white flesh that is delicate and mild. It can be served broiled, baked, steamed, poached, fried or grilled. Red snapper responds well to most cooking methods. You can even bake red snapper whole, stuffed with fresh herbs and seasonings. Red snapper is excellent for grilling, and the season opening is the perfect time to fire up the barbecue. Lemon, butter and fresh chili peppers are great ways to season red snapper. The Captain and his wife have 2 favorite recipes for Red Snapper, Fish Taco's & Blacked Snapper with Hollandaise & Pasta.